Terms of Reference Event Management on “Raising awareness among students on benefits of eating fish and importance of safe fish”

Terms of Reference

Event Management on “Raising awareness among students on benefits of eating fish and importance of safe fish”


The necessity of food safety including safe fish- Food safety is getting priority due to the adulterated practices at different level of value chain. Preservation, transportation and micro level packaging remains constrains. Increased pressure on population and increased health risk are associated with lack of nutrition both in urban and rural areas. Low cost source of nutrition is obviously fish, vegetables and fruits. Other hand, traditional method of cultivation provides lesser per unit production and hence leave the opportunity of multifold growth.

A lot of threats are impeding fish consumption (subsequently impacting fish producers negatively) including usages of formalin, usages of jelly to increase weight, usages of chemical treated hormones, pesticides and growth promoter in fish production, and question has mounted for quality fish. The same can be said for fruits and vegetables as well. A part from the regular threats in post-harvest, production system is also under serious threats of using different harmful elements as fish feed i.e. poultry waste and mixture of harmful elements in the feed. Maintaining hygiene according to standard is a far cry. Overall, future growth and consumption of fish sector is threatened by these constraints.

Parmeeda Enterprise, is working to provide safe and traceable food through building capacity of small agro-producers, mainly in the sector of horticulture and fisheries. Parmeeda has recently started collaborating with WorldFish, under the funding of Feed the Future Initiatives from USAID, for promotion of safe fish through traceable production system. Under the project initiatives, 200 fish producers from Satkhira, Gopalganj and Faridpur will be trained on safe fish production technology following good aquaculture practice (GAP).

As a safe fish providing business organization, Parmeeda wants to create awareness among the students for increasing fish portion in their meal, as we have been observing that kids are reluctant in eating fish and leaning towards other unhealthy options like Fast Foods. In order to do so, we like to arrange 03 awareness events among the school/college/university students to create interest of eating fish and importance of it.


In order to achieve the objective Parmeeda is looking for a capable and experience event management firm or individual for following assignment:

  1. Raising awareness among students on benefits of eating fish and importance of safe fish.

No of Events: 03 (Three) events in separate schools/college/universities

Location: Schools inside Dhaka Metro

Target Audience: Students, Guardians and Teachers.

Objective of the Assignments

  1. Assignment 1.0: Raising awareness among students on benefits of eating fish and importance of safe fish.
  • Create interest among the students about eating fish
  • Create awareness about the importance of safe fish
  • Create or bridge common interest among the guardian, teachers and students for promotion of safe fish.

Scope of Work

  • Identify and Select potential schools/educational institutes for the ideal campaign depending on the objective and Target Group
  • Take necessary permission from institute and fixing up schedule
  • Take necessary steps logistics, equipment’s, PR tools, event tools, power point presentation (if necessary) for making the event successful.
  • Arrange a celebrity acceptable among the TG for endorsing message
  • Video and Audio Photography of the event and submit copy of that.
  • Clean and clear the event space after the event.
  • Arrange gift for the participant as per budget.
  • Make the event interesting, participatory and forward looking


  1. Consultants/Agency/Individual have prior experience in event management.
  2. Working knowledge on food safety will be a plus.


  • Develop a work plan
  • Analysis suitability of event location
  • Contract Instituition administration and do necessary administrative work
  • Arrange necessary logistics for smooth operation
  • Arrange required human resources and mobilize them
  • Effectively arrange the event
  • Maintain communication between parties
  • Deliver a report


  • Event Plan
  • Event Schedule
  • Event Report with Photographs.


Consultants/Agency are requested to submit a proposal conducting the assignment with expressing their understanding about the assignment, work plan, timeline and cost structure with their work experience to the following email: [email protected].

Last date of application will be 22 June, 2019.

Parmeeda is an equal opportunity based organization, we do not discriminate based on gender, race, religion or cast. Deserving candidate will be awarded through competitive bidding and selection process. To know more about us, please visit: www.parmeeda.com

Parmeeda Enterprise

261, Primary School Road

Ibrahimpur, Mirpur, Dhaka 1206


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