Non Bagging Mango Himsahor (হিম সাগর) 1kg

Non Bagging Mango Himsahor (হিম সাগর) 1kg

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Pesticides Free Mango (হিম সাগর) 1kg 

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– This is the brand name we have absorbed and owned by MarGEn.
– Produced in fruit bag technology (that means, no spraying of pesticides after each and every mango bagged– usually 20-30 times pesticides are sprayed during this tenure)
– No formalin or carbide
– Full mature mango (at least 90 days old)
– Super Graded (Identical size and shape)
– Super packed (each mango will be wrapped with paper)
– Most importantly, it will be certified by one of the sceintist (Dr Shorof Uddin) who has been supporting this technology that it has been produced from the garden which uses fruit bagging. is the sole seller of true mango online and offline.

What its going to be like:
– 5 kg Carton (that would be minimum order quantity)
– In a super fresh condition with a shelf life expecting to be 6-8 days (That only means you can consume mangoes for more days but with same taste/without freezing)
– HIMSAGOR first harvest from CHAPAI and Rajshahi 28th of May, Delivery starts from 29th May.
– RETURN POLICY for the group members- You do not like/ you do not receive/ no charges applied
– HOME/OFFICE Delivery

So, what holds you back! Call: 01972 509 549!! and guys we are planning for a mango trip also!


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