Naga Chilli | নাগা মরিচ 1pc

Naga Chilli | নাগা মরিচ 1pc

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Naga Chilli ( নাগা মরিচ )




Bengal is the land of chilli variety. We have varies peppers like regular Sichuan, Chui, Naga etc. It is said we received our green chilli from Portuguese who brought from Central America. But Naga being a native variety is an integral part of our Sylheti, Assami, Meghalaya indigenous & Bengali cuisine.

Please Note:
1. It is not only famous to be the hottest but also amazing flavour.
2. Please take care while handing. Wash hands immediately, it will burn your skin, left longer without attention.
3. Capsaicin in all chilli is a NERVE TOXIN.
4. It is great for health & increase metabolism, kills bad gut flora therefore helps thrive probiotics.


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