Gondho Badol Leaf 250g

Gondho Badol Leaf 250g

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Gondho Badol (leaf) -গন্ধ বাদল


◆ Description: This leaf is an Ayurveda medicinal plant. High in IRON, recommend for people who lacks hemoglobin. Rich in vitamin C & Zinc, helps absorb iron unlike supplements which we drain out with stool & also gets constipation.

◆ Cooking method: Traditionally people makes “bhorta/ভর্তা” or add to regular “shaak”. Another way is any kinds of Bora like piyaju/fish balls/falafel & add to the mixed finely chopped.

◆ Please Note: Due to high particle & air pollution, please soak the leaf in water with little lemon juice/vinegar to wash off builds up particles.


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