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Yes, we have just started but started strong! Our dedication is simple “serving your daily necessity with right product”. We do not have many big dreams only to be besides you when it is needed most.

We care for the need of yours; knowing that many of us want to get back to our glorious village, taste the original products coming from the field. We still savor the flavor and taste of “local chicken” or we are sometimes desperate to taste the newly harvested tomato before anyone. Probably this is one of the places where you can find most of them, or you can tell us what you need, we try the level best to bring it for you.

We have started building the producers’ base maintaining partnership with producer base organizations across Bangladesh, trying to establish a simple supply chain management that can bring the rural product at your doorsteps without much time elapsed in the supply chain.

Happy shopping with us.

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Espirar 10ps

Espirar 10ps

৳ 55.00

Espirar  (Inhalation Capsule)

Available Pack Size: 2*5s


Espirar  (Inhalation Capsule)

Available Pack Size: 2*5s

A head cold can hamper sleep, making for restless nights.

Espirar’s combination of natural vapors from Levomenthol, Thymol, Chlorobutanol & Terpineol work gently to help you or your child breathe more easily.


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