Capsicum green 1 KG

Capsicum green 1 KG

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Capsicum / Bell Pepper

1 KG

Per KG 10-12 PCS Capsicum

Color: Green


Many of us suffer several health issues & many of them comes from over weight.

We all want to eat healthy, Low GI, high fibre, packed with vitamins & coloured vegetable cooked & raw.

Now Capsicum/Bell Pepper is a pepper so it has capsaicin which aids metabolisme, therefore helps to gain energy & weight loss.

Bell Pepper is great for any cooking, salad & part of healthy snack. Mediterranean have it with Hummus, Full fat yogurt or just by itself.

The problem we face in Bangladesh for eating raw is; pesticides sprayed on green grocery, artificial harmful fertilizer & preservatives used. Cooking helps to get rid of some harm but eating raw is nightmare.

Parmeeda now proudly introduce Capsicum which are grown in seasonal river islands in southern Bangladesh. Produced strictly under ecological standard with organic natural compost. No preservatives, growth hormone, pesticides has been strictly prohibited. It has been endorsed by Bangladesh government “Department of Agriculture Extension”


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