brings safe mango using fruit bagging technology

Written by: Abu Darda

When food safety is raising concerns over the years, consumers are suspicious about adulteration. During summer, mangoes, jackfruits, lichi and berries are among the most popular fruits in Bangladesh. Millions of families wait to savor the great taste of fruits, but often become victim of adulteration and usage formalin and carbides which are very dangerous to human health.

Mango is by large the most popular fruits in Bangladesh and we are currently being the 8th largest mango producing countries in the world. Chapainawabganj and Rajshahi are the two most prominent mango growing areas in Bangladesh where as Satkhira, Jessore, Chuadanga, Meherpur and Hill Tracks region also produces large number of mangoes.

Due to safety concern, government has implied restriction of marketing and selling of mango from Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj (Chaitannapur) before 25th of May mainly due to immaturity of mango and sub-sequently usages of harmful chemical for ripening of mangoes., an online based superstore is now offering fresh mangoes partnering with MarGEn a research and technological solution firm by adopting a specialized technology called fruit bagging technology. The bag covers the mango at early stage and sealed on upper side that prevents the fruit (mango) from insects. It also protects the body of the fruits from physical damage and contamination to external environment. Parmeeda is working in Baneshwar at Rajshahi and Chaitannapur at Chapainawabganj districts, where monitoring and supervision is done by MarGEn.


“we are happy that we could have tagged with the farming groups who are enthusiastic about the technology and adopting it, this process enables us to provide safe mango to the consumers of Dhaka”- said Abu Darda, head of business, Now the consumers of Dhaka can buy directly through website ( and get home delivered of mangoes.

This technology is also promoted by the Fruit Research Institute in Chapainawabganj and opened a new window for producing mangoes in a safer possible way. is working with these gardens who are using fruit bagging technology provided by MarGEn. They are also adding value by grading and sorting the mangoes and providing to customers with 10Kilo carton pack that also prevents the matured mangoes from physical damages.

Here is the video link for fruit bagging technology:

With this process, they are expecting to serve Khhirsapati, Lengra and Fazli three varieties of mango throughout June and Mid July. To know more about the technology, you can visit their facebook page:

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