About parmeeda.com

About Parmeeda

parmeeda.com is an agribusiness organization devoted and committed to provide safe and organic food to the consumers of Dhaka and all over Bangladesh in near future.

As a country we have been blessed with favorable conditions for growing crops and other agricultural produce, unfortunately due to over usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizer, food becomes contaminated and harmful for human body and also the environment become unsustainable.

Parmeeda is enforcing ecological farming practice in a sustainable business manner, imposing traceable production system around agricultural value chain and bringing the top quality fresh produce i.e. vegetables, fruits, fish and rice to the consumers. We are not only providing top quality product but also safer to eat.

We care for the need of yours; knowing that many of us want to get back to our glorious village, taste the original products coming from the field. We still savor the flavor and taste of “local chicken” or we are sometimes desperate to taste the newly harvested tomato before anyone. Probably this is one of the places where you can find most of them, or you can tell us what you need, we try the level best to bring it for you.

We have started building the producers’ base maintaining partnership with producer base organizations across Bangladesh, trying to establish a simple supply chain management that can bring the rural product at your doorsteps without much time elapsed in the supply chain.

With the membership from Bangladesh Organic Agricultural Network (BOAN), technical know how and inputs are being driven towards the farming community.

Welcome to safe food!


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