10 Best Products Sold Online in 2016!

10 Best Products Sold Online in 2016!
January 2, 2017 Parmeeda Admin
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10 Best Products Sold Online in 2016!
written by: ABU DARDA, works at parmeeda.com

parmeeda.com is celebrating 1 year of full operation and has seen the consumer trend and have selected 10 best products sold online (website and facebook). Here is the exciting list:

10. Winter Shawl: Starting in late November, the Bandarban origin shawl drove huge traffic and sales upto end of December. We believe if it has been given the full year it could, perhaps topple others.

To see the full shawl list: CLICK HERE


09. Boutique Dress: Wonderfully crafted beautifully designed three pcs caught attention of many women. at number 09 (see the full list)


08. Undergarments: Mens section has finally found a star product. CK undergarments. Export Quality.

  (See the full list)


07. Deshi Chicken: All time favorite, for those who did not want to take risk of antibiotic fed chicken.

(see the purchase link) 


06.MULTI GRASP DRINKING CUP: 3 handled cup by PUR,  we loved the design,  wonderful and very useful.

(See the purchase link)


Drinking Cup


5. Powder: A very useful and quality powder for your baby. (see the purchase link)


4. DIAPER: Loved by baby, loved by mother. (see the purchase link and product details)

Huggies Baby Diaper Ultra (M) 5-10 Kg- 40 Pieces (Singupur)

3. KHEJURER GUR: Can’t resist to buy it, a must by product during winter. Organic and Taste at the same time.

(see the full product offer)

khejurer gur

2. BATNA: A meshing instrument, locally manufactured, an art and a craft. (see the product details)


1. Organic Vegetables: Obviously the number 1 choice by consumers of organic vegetables, only at parmeeda.

(see the full organic product list)



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